Helping 1000 Businesses Succeed 

Trevor Woolery
Creative Consultant

Hi, I am Trevor Woolery, owner and Creative Consultant at Create Animate Solutions. I am on a mission to help 1000 businesses in the Children's Sector succeed. 

I was one of those businesses struggling to survive not so long ago. I built a business running animation workshops for kids and produced promotional animations for clients. I worked on fantastic projects with public organisations and schools. I created content for theatre productions, museums, exhibitions and charity campaigns. But barely broke even most of the time. It was often feast or famine. A lot of work and then no work at all. There had to be a better way than this. I love what I do, but more consistency would help my bank balance and family life.

I invested in training and mentoring to figure out a solution. I wanted to grow my company to serve more clients and positively impact the lives of children. I learnt why businesses fail and the key areas that produce growth. 

Something was still missing. I could grow and serve more clients, but some businesses in my sector did not need my animation service. They liked the idea of new shiny animation, but it was not a priority. They were struggling. I could change sectors and work with large corporations as clients or offer something else they needed. I decided that if I could solve their main issue, their pain, I could help them improve their finances and then they would buy my animation service. 

This was the new plan until I fell in love with the potential to serve businesses on a deeper level. I realised it is enough to help transform the lives of business owners and positively impact the lives of many more children than I ever could on my own. 

I took off my animation hat (for now) and put on a new focus to help 1000 businesses in the Children's Sector succeed. 

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Helping 1000 Businesses Succeed 
~ Trevor Woolery ~
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